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The need for useful quality education and a mission to provide a promising future for students led to the birth of Global Institute of education. We are an education institute that provides quality educative programs for students in the most substantial and concise way. Based out of Brisbane, we offer many courses for students or anyone who wishes to learn and make a considerable difference in shaping their future as a businessman or a great employee.
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We are running full stride towards a bright future, with a mission to be a successful leader in providing the best courses in horticulture, security, and leadership management. Constantly strive for the latest knowledge, research, innovation in our fields and make a shining difference in shaping the future of our students.

We offer variety of courses to help you excel in your career.

Global Institute of Education recognises the importance and benefits of combining industry experience with tertiary education when striving to deliver programs of highest quality and relevance to the client.

All trainers and assessors employed or contracted by GIE have demonstrated significant industry experience in addition to obtaining tertiary qualifications, allowing them to provide a professional, well rounded learning environment for participants. Staff are equipped with the skills to ensure their teaching methods are suitable for all participants, utilising simple language where appropriate to communicate information most effectively. Global Institute of Education strictly adheres to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations to continue delivering training services of the highest quality to our clients.

This Quality Management and Operational Framework reflects Global Institute of Education’s business principle of maintaining the most current information and presenting all information in an easily understood and relevant format. This Framework underpins an efficient and effective business operation. Implementation of this Framework supports the ongoing viability and sustained growth that has resulted in Global Institute of Education remaining an industry leader in the delivery of vocational education and training.

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